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Did Someone Say A Floating Bar?

The US Virgin Islands welcomes the Lime Out VI; the most recent floating bar and restaurant. The grand opening for this new attraction took place on March 12, 2019, but they have been building the anticipation within the community for some months now. This new bar is anchored out in Hansen Bay, which is located in St. John, USVI. If you are looking for a pit stop while on a sailing excursion, or interested in lunch while relaxing at Hansen Bay, look no further. Both boaters and good swimmers are welcome.

Lime Out VI definitely caught our attention with their new signature cocktails and tacos.

Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday's right?

We are looking forward to the island inspired cuisine.

As if the menu isn't exciting enough, visitors can appreciate the eco-friendly and reusable cups. We can definitely see a green theme going here. Let us know if you are planning on visiting Lime Out VI. Maybe you'll even see the Caribbean Performance there. Visit their Instagram for more information and beautiful pics at

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Dawood dgm
Dawood dgm
08 nov. 2022

Nice content



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